Psychosynthesis criticism

In many instances, the involuntary initiates attain in this experience deep insights into the energetic and metaphysical causes of diseases and learn how to heal not only themselves, but also others. If anything, assigning people suffering fro these conditions to well-defined diagnostic categories is particularly problematic because of the fact that their phenomenology is unusually rich and can have its source on all various levels of the psyche. Many mental health professionals who encounter the concept of psychospiritual crisis want to know the exact criteria by which one can make the differential diagnosis The communication style, in and of itself, often distinguishes promising candidates from inappropriate or questionable ones. Communication with spirit guides and channeling
8. Failures and disappointments in professional and personal life can undermine and thwart the outward-oriented motivations and ambitions of the individual. From one s karmic past or, conversely, confrontation and showdown with an adversary from another lifetime. Psychological traumas can mobilize the unconscious, particularly when they involve elements that are reminiscent of earlier traumas and are part of a significant COEX system The strong potential of childbirth as a trigger of psychospiritual crisis seems to reflect the fact that delivering a child combines biological weakening with specific reactivation of the mother s own perinatal memories. While modern psychiatrists generally tend to pathologize mystical states, there also exists the opposite error of romanticizing and glorifying psychotic states or, even worse, overlooking a serious medical problem.

The symptoms of psychospiritual crises represent a manifestation and exteriorization of the deep dynamics of th human psyche. When similar experiences manifest under circumstances in which the biological changes are accurately defined, such as dministration of specific dosages of chemically pure LSD-25 the nature and origin of their content remain a deep mystery. Mainstream psychiatrists do not differentiate psychospiritual crises, or even episodes of uncomplicated mystical experiences, from serious mental diseases, because of their narrow conceptual framework. The positive potential of the renewal process and its deep
connection with archetypal symbolism and with specific periods of human history represents a very compelling argument against the theory that these experiences are chaotic pathological products of diseased brains. For this reason, shamans are frequently referred to as wounded healers. A person who is channeling Such beings are usually perceived as discarnate humans, suprahuman entities, or deities existing on higher planes of consciousness and endowed with extraordinary wisdom.

There is general disagreement about diagnostic categories among individual psychiatrists and also among psychiatric societies of different countries. This ideogram is composed of two images, one of which means danger and the other opportunity. Psychosynthesis criticism. At other times, extreme physical exertion or prolonged lack of sleep may appear to be the most immediate trigger. Their most remarkable aspect is a convincing sense of remembering and reliving something that one has already seen (déjà vu) or experienced (déjà vecu) at some time in the past. Among the benefits that can result from psychospiritual crises that receive expert support and are allowed to run their natural course are improved psychosomatic health, increased zest for life, a more rewarding life strategy, and an expanded worldview that includes the spiritual dimension.

Before we address this question, it is necessary to emphasize that the attempts to classify psychiatric disorders, with the exception of those that are clearly organic in nature, have been generally unsuccessful. Past-life experiences
7. Examples of such God/kings were the Egyptian pharaohs, the Peruvian Incas, the Hebrew and Hittite kings, or the Chinese and Japanese emperors (Perry 1991). A powerful NDE can radically undermine the worldview of the people involved, because it catapults them abruptly and without warning into a reality that is radically different. Academic psychiatry, being a subdiscipline of medicine, has a
strong preference for biological interpretations, and uses a model of the psyche limited to postnatal biography and the Freudian individual unconscious. The pricipal three nadis rising along the body s vertical axis are called Ida, Shushumna, and Pingala.

He or she has to be able to function at least as well as other members of the tribe. Or selfrealization How could possibly abnormal processes in the brain generate such experiences as culturally specific sequences of psychospiritual death and rebirth, convincing identification with Christ on the cross or with the dancing Shiva, an episode involving death on the barricades in Paris during the French revolution, or complex scenes of alien abduction?